How to Live Stream Government Meetings – A Case Study From Cook Islands Prime Minister Statements


Recently, we interviewed  Byron Brown who is a YoloBox Pro user and also the owner of Te Araveka Ltd,  a local website business in the Cook Islands and how YoloBox Pro helps him in the live streaming business.

Byron and his team have a contract with the local government in the Cook Islands and help to stream government meetings and other cultural-related events on multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and the official government website. In this customer story, Byron shares his use case on how to live stream Prime Minister statements for the first time ever. 

Why Choose YoloBox Pro 

According to Byron, his two favorite things about the YoloBox Pro are portability and long-last battery life. Byron and his team have used the NewTek Tricaster and ATEM Mini before. Byron said they’re great for big jobs but if you need something more portable and if you don’t need to lug around equipment, YoloBox Pro is a perfect fit for that. 

Another thing is that YoloBox Pro has a built-in battery with longer usage. Byron mentioned the problem with the ATEM Mini is if you lose or break the power cable, it’s very hard to find a replacement since it’s not a regular nor cheap cable. On the opposite, it’s easy for him to power the YoloBox Pro with any power banks. He can stream for 8 to 10 hours straightly without any issues. 

Favorite Features on YoloBox Pro

  • Monitor Mode: according to Byron, sometimes it could be very frustrating to stream on an island especially the poor internet connection. The monitor mode allows Byron and his team to record and switch without having to connect to the internet or create an event.
  • Simulcasting: YoloBox Pro has the ability to send one stream to multiple locations without any additional costs. It allows the local government to extend its outreach via different platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, the official government website and etc.
  • Encoding modes and bitrates: As Byron said, it could be hard to have a quality stream on an island, the ability to change encoding modes and bitrates allows Byron to have a stable and good stream when the internet goes down.


YoloBox Pro is great since it’s super portable and the whole setup is not a big hassle. It fits perfectly in Byron’s line of work. The built-in battery has a longer usage which allows him to get 3 hours of stream without any issues. As a plus, the learning process is super easy as well, Byron is able to teach others how to use the YoloBox Pro. In his opinion, if you need a simple live streaming setup, YoloBo Pro is a must-have.

As a local government entity, and the ability to reach the residents (especially during a pandemic) is vital. We’re now available on the city’s social media platforms, website, and cable channel. Live streaming has extended our reach. I doubt it would have happened without YoloBox Pro.

Byron Brown

We’d love to thank Byron for chatting with us and sharing his use case on how to live stream government meetings and cultural events with the YoloBox Pro.

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