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With YoloBox, you can easily livestream or share recorded worship services, concerts, fundraisers and announcements to your congregations with Yololiv’s powerful but simple-to-use all-in-one streaming studio.
Big Features Without Big Price
YoloBox offers incredible value and professional capabilities that are accessible to people of all skill levels within your church or place of worship. No extra investment for a recorder, monitor or audio mixer cause they are all built-in.
Multi-Camera Productions Made Easier
Connect a combination of more than 20 inputs including professional cameras, camcorders, NDI/RTMP/SRT and local playback to get the perfect angles in HD. YoloBox is compatible with cameras from big names across the world.
Reach Your Audiences Where They Are
Video stream your church services to YouTube, Facebook, or any custom RTMP/SRT destinations - all at the same time using our multistreaming service. Your message is heard, no matter where people are viewing.
Record Your Video Production
YoloBox Ultra allows you to record your multi-camera production, including all connected video sources and the program feed, to an SD card or external hard drive, providing you immense flexibility for post-production edits and enhancements.
Get More from Your YoloBox
Spread your message with our reliable church streaming solution.
Easy to Use
YoloBox is easy to use and saves hours in set-up time. Any church member can get up and running in minutes.
Customized Graphics
Customize the stream in real-time with built-in graphics templates such as logos, titles, rolling captions, social overlays, timers and more.
Network Bonding
Combine up to 5 network connections into one faster, more reliable connection to ensure your weekly church service reaches the congregants without glitches.
Audio Mixing
Whether you are streaming or simply recording, you can mix audio from multiple sources using the built-in audio mixer.
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James Sanny
James Sanny
When members of your congregation can't attend worship service, streaming is invaluable. With YoloBox you could live stream and record a sermon all yourself, no professional team required, without the need for a big budget.
Ricky Stanley
Ricky Stanley
Purchased this unit to stream our church services. We are a smaller/mid-size church and was great for our budget. Super easy to use with very little setup time and it’s been working fantastic since we use it. I am super pleased with it and highly recommend this product for any church service streaming.
Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm
Perfect 2 cam 2 hour funeral live stream 1080p/30 3000Kbps ZERO dropped frames on Cellular hotspot (T-Mobile VB 105 mbps up 23 mbps down).Every time. A device I can rely on and a service my clients trust.
Live streaming solution for every church
YoloLiv makes it easy to create a livestreamed church service with higher engagement, more impact, and further reach.
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