What’s New in YoloBox Pro v1.9.0 – Inviting Guest, Background Music for Countdown Timer, USB Webcam Out with Overlays

Known by many of our users, we’re constantly innovating in the YoloBox product development. And today we have brought you many more new features added in the 1.9.0 update. Come and check them out and see how they level up your video productions!

Inviting guests to your stream

Want to have an interview? Right now you can have your guests join from phones, laptops, etc. by tapping on the invitation link sent into their inbox.  

There is a new tab for the Inviting Guests feature, and there are some functions you may notice:

  • You can only invite up to 5 people as your guests by sending an invitation email directly on the YoloBox.
  • You can do the green screen, add overlays, do multi-views with other inputs, and do whatever you want.
  • Please make sure you have turned on the “Allow participants to join” option before the start, otherwise, the guests cannot join the stream.

And here are some Notes while using the Inviting Guests:

  • We highly suggest you not use the USB port if you want to Invite guests at the same time.
  • Animated graphic overlays including web URL overlays, GIF images, and countdown timers are not recommended while using the Inviting Guest feature.
  • The inviting link can only be used on computers and phones without tablets. So if you are using an iPad, the invitation is not available.

BGM for the countdown timer

We received a lot of desire for the music background in the countdown timer. And now in the new 1.9.0, this function is here while you can add your own background music in the countdown timer via the SD card or USB storage. It supports MP3、WAV、WMA、Flac、MIDI、RA、APE、AAC、CDA、MOV. But the most suggested format is MP3. 

USB webcam out now supports outputting overlays

UVC function to use the YoloBox as a webcam has been welcomed a lot by the users who hold Zoom or Skype meetings. And right now you can output overlays to make it show up in Zoom, Skype, Teams, and more platforms.

Web URL overlay optimized

We do get some feedback for the Web URL overlay will not display fully on some websites. And tech team has optimized the display for the commonly used Web URL websites, like Flexyscore, Ligrsystem, Singular.Live, cricclubs.com, H2R.graphics, and more.

Swap multi-views with one click

If you often do the multi-views with two input resources, there is a new function for you to easily swap the videos. So that you can switch between the main screen and sub-screen. 

Presentation switcher (Thanks for Aaron’s Idea!)

In the past, adjusting the scale for the two videos may cut the resources with only part of the view. And right now the upgraded feature provides the ability to output a nice layout with the scaled and cropped videos, while also passing through both the camera and presentation video for other purposes like sending to Zoom or projecting in-house.

More social overlays

Before there is only an example Facebook social overlay available while you actually can choose more in the icon option. Right now we have added 4 other social overlays to the options list including Instagram, Youtube Channel, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Auto-hide for more types of overlays

Auto-Hide is now available for all graphic overlays, including Imagine Overlay, Lower thirds, Web URL Overlay, Titles, Social Overlays, Countdown Timers, and Comment Overlays. You can set the time for the display of the overlays as you want. 

Some other updates

  • Now you can adjust the dB to 0.1 number in the audio settings
  • Audio metering optimized
  • You can adjust the shape, border thickness, and color for the subscreen in the Picture-in-Picture.
  • Now the comments overlay supports from Facebook, Youtube and Twitch platforms.

We are pleased to offer these new features to all our users! Hope the article has served as a useful introduction to you. Furthermore, a better understanding of how to use these features can improve the performance of your video assets.

By the way, YoloCast is debuted now. Check more information on the official website here.

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