What’s New in Instream 1.6.0 – Web URL Overlay, Auto-Switching, and Built-In App Updates

We’re rolling out YoloLiv Instream 1.6.0, which includes some most-requested new features, app updates, and bug fixes. Install Instream’s new version 1.6.0 to take these features for a spin.

Web URL Overlay

Except for these built-in graphic overlays – Image Overlays, Lower-Thirds, Countdown Timer and Titles, Web URL Overlay is now available on Instream! It allows you to add a webpage by inserting the URL link (Use a link shortener tool if needed) and display it as an overlay on top of any video source.

So you will not be limited by the built-in overlays and get professional with the Web URL Overlay.


Instream’s auto-switching feature allows you to rotate between all video sources automatically. There’re a lot of options for auto-switching:

  • Video Source: Add video sources for auto-switching
  • Loop: Enable this feature if you want the auto-switching order loops
  • Switching Order: Sequential or Random
  • Main Video Source: The main video source is what the video switches to every time before switching to the next source. For example, if you choose sequential auto-switching with video source order of 1, 2, 3… and source 4 as your Main Source … then the auto-switching order becomes 1, 4, 2, 4, 3, 4 and repeats if the “Loop” feature is enabled.

What’s More

  • All built-in apps (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Zoom, CapCut) are upgraded to the latest version
  • Fixed video flipping issue connecting Verticam to Instream

For all the past versions of YoloLiv Instream, please visit: https://www.yololiv.com/blog/a-brief-version-history-of-yolobox-pros-software-updates/

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