This Spontaneous YoloBox Customer Review Hits 175K on YouTube!


Recently, a spontaneous YoloBox Pro review caught our eyes on YouTube and it hits almost 175K in just 4 months! The video is made by Bob Krieger. Bob is the Director of Technology at a private school north of New Orleans and also the owner of Zyxxy Digital Media.  What kind of content can make a video shot in the backyard get tremendous views in such a short time? Let’s find out! 

First Camera Setup

In the video, Bob is equipped to build a simple, yet professional, live streaming setup for live streaming and he demonstrates a 3-camera setup with a couple of camera operators. 

For his 1st camera setup,  he uses a Sony AX-700 camera on the Libec TH-X Tripod with Libec controller. Top of the Sony camera, he places a Feelworld monitor. And a Hollyland wireless transmitter right on the back of the monitor. He also has a Sony NPF battery on the device which powers both the wireless transmitter and the monitor.

Second Camera Setup

For Bob’s second camera setup, it’s the same as the first camera setup. A Sony AX-700 camera on the tripod with Libec controller. Moreover, he also has an extra battery mounted all the way down the tripod. Bob explains this whole power on power on is set up so if he has to change out the v-mount battery, he can still have the battery on the monitor and the battery on the camera running everything. It works like a treat! 

Third Camera Setup

Also a Sony AX-700 camera setup but on the top of a slider. Meanwhile, having a v-mount battery on left side of the slider. Bob uses a 48 slider from GVM, so the camera can go back and forth with the manual parallax bar in the middle. Although, Bob could power everything up with the v-mount battery, he also has a backup power for the slider’s controllor since it drains more than the regular gears.

Control Room Setup

Bob has a Atem Mini Pro connected to the system though it’s not required. For audio, Bob uses a Zoom F6 recorder and mounted it with a adpotor on the top along with a plate on the buttom. He will place the audio setup underneath the tripods. For mic, Bob has 4 sets of Sony wireless mic which will be connected to the Zoom recorder.

For video switchers, Bob uses the YoloBox Pro with Atem Mini Pro. A Blackmagic Video Assist is connected to the Atem mini as a monitor.

For internet connection, everything is connected to XtremePro USB network hub and all the signals are going to the GL.Inet portable router so can get wireless signal from a remote location. Finally, everything is being powered by MaxOak battery. It helps charging the YoloBox prevent from quick battery draining.

About YoloBox Pro

Now, let’s get into the YoloBox Pro. YoloBox Pro also has 3 camera feeds from Bob’s backyard through the baked-in HDMI inputs on the device. It also has the webcam out of the Atem mini and it goes into the USB input, it brings the signal from the Atem mini to YoloBox.

The lightstand with the three hdmi receivers. It raises the receivers high for better reception. The 20″ magic arms allow the three receivers to be places 120 degrees apart and stay over 0.5m away from each other for better reception. The three cameras were transmitting from the yard. No physical connections from any camera.

There are also many other cool and rich features on YoloBox Pro. Bob pointed that you can add overlays (countdown timers, graphic overlays and lower-thirds), audio mixing, live scoreborad etc. All wondeful and fun stuff!

To conclude, Bob says, “The Yolobox Pro is easier to set up and use than the ATEM mini and I can roll in videos on one device, which is fantastic! Doing that on a ATEM requires more gear or a computer. It’s just cumbersome.”

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