How A Mevo Customer Falls In Love with YoloBox – Case Study From Jason Hoffman


As a long-time user of Mevo cameras, Jason Hoffman is well-experienced in Mevo software, multicam live streaming and video production. Recently, Jason added YoloBox Pro into his live streaming workflow and discovered YoloBox’s unique advantages and benefits.

We are thrilled to find that Jason has produced more than 10 videos about YoloBox in two months and shared numerous insights from different use cases and scenarios. We are extremely thankful and hope this compilation of his videos would inspire more YoloLiv customers.

YoloBox Videos From Jason

1. “SUCCESS with ‘Live Call In’ Only Live Stream”

The YoloBox Pro has changed the way I think about setting up for a live stream. The options it gives in the different kinds of cameras you can use USB in through a webcam HDMI in and the addition of live call-ins has caused me to rethink my preparation for setting up a live stream.

Jason Hoffman

2. “Level Up Your Live Stream with YoloBox Pro”

There are a lot of folks who like me think simple is better when it comes to mobile live streaming. I’m the one who could take just a phone or a tablet and set it up and roll. But there are also times, those of us who want to level up our mobile live stream. Well, the YoloBox Pro from YoloLiv may be the resource you need to take your stream to the next level.

Jason Hoffman

3. “Three Best Features of YoloBoxPro Update 3.0”

YoloBox Pro software version 3.0 has dropped and there are three features I would like to show you that I am certain you’re going to want to use now as you look at this screen you may notice some things that are different an upgrade from what it was in previous software versions.

Jason Hoffman

4. “Feature Overview for YoloBox Pro in the Church Setting”

I look forward to being able to take YoloBox Pro and spicing up our service just a little bit for those at-home viewers who can’t make it to church.

Jason Hoffman

5. “YoloBox Pro Battery Test w/Three HDMI Inputs”

I thought was a fantastic result for this test that I’m going to be able to do one whole event with three-hour battery life. Of course,  I can plug it in with an extra battery block and have that extend the life of YoloBox Pro but for it just to run by itself with three HDMI cameras attached and get over three hours of battery life, the result was impressive.

Jason Hoffman

6. “Is the YoloBox Pro the Perfect Device for Streaming Baseball?”

There are some fantastic benefits to running the YoloBox Pro for baseball games.  For example, you get to choose which camera you use anything that has an HDMI out or sends via USB signal you can run with the YoloBox Pro. I have all three cameras are running into the YoloBox Pro mounted here on the fence behind me and I have three really good shots to catch this entire field.

Jason Hoffman

7. “YoloBox Pro Update 1.9 Add Callers to Your Live Streams”

YoloBox Pro has released an update version 1.9 bringing new features into what was already a very solid very feature-rich live streaming device. And I couldn’t pass this one up.  YoloBox Pro has introduced live call-ins during a live stream. This one feature we get to highlight today is worth its own video. 

Jason Hoffman

8. “YoloBox Pro Features including v1.9.0 update”

Learning new equipment, the hardware, the software, and the software updates can be intimidating.  YoloBox Pro is new equipment for me but I’m gonna try to help by taking you through each piece of the software in version 1.9 so you can see how the YoloBox Pro might be a great addition to your live streaming setup.

Jason Hoffman

9. “Streaming Football with YoloBox Pro”

I was able to stream successfully with a YoloBox Pro for a Friday night lights football game. There’s a lot more to come this season,11 more games at least so I have a lot more practice to do and we’re looking forward to getting a great product in front of our fans throughout this year

Jason Hoffman

10. “Connecting Mevo Start to YoloBoxPro Wirelessly!”

We truly thank Jason for his love of YoloBox and welcome all creators like Jason to provide us with content about YoloBox in the future.

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