8 Reasons to Use YoloBox Pro For Your Church Live Stream


Recently, Youtuber Stephen Ballast shows us why the YoloBox Pro might be a good solution for your church live streaming needs in this video. He lists 8 Reasons to use the YoloBox Pro for churches live streaming.

It’s a portable, stand-alone encoder.

Yolobox Pro is an all-in-one switcher, monitor, encoder and even a recorder. Any live streaming system is going to be made up of a few components. First you’ll have your sources: this could be a single camera or a multi-camera system switch through a video switcher. And that resulting output video gets sent to your encoder where the video is compressed to be sent out over the internet.

It has a stereo line in for audio from a mixer.

The YoloBox does this in a dedicated device that doesn’t require a computer to operate everything. You need to live stream your video except for a camera is built into this device. But also using its built-in monitor and touch screen.You can switch between up to three HDMI camera inputs so it’s not just an encoder but a video switcher as well. The YoloBox Pro also has two audio inputs, one is a mic input and the second is a line level stereo input which is perfect for bringing sound in from an audio mixer that will be outputting a line level signal.

USB-c input from Atem Mini switcher.

The YoloBox Pro also has a USB-c input that will accept a webcam as a fourth camera. But even more significant is if you want or need more camera inputs you can connect an Atem Mini’s USB output. The A10 mini outputs its program out so that’s the mixed video output over its US. So you can send the mixed video output from the Atem as an input to the YoloBox Pro over USB. This not only gives you capacity for more camera inputs but also an incredible combination of features between these two devices.

Stream to multiple destinations at once.

The YoloBox Pro streams simultaneously to Multiple Destinations which could be Facebook, YouTube or any number of different live streaming services free or paid.

HDMI video out for local distribution.

Something I know a lot of churches want to do with their video is send the video from their worship service to other parts of their building whether that’s a cry room for parents or an overflow room or even just the TV out in the hallways. The YoloBox Pro lets you output the finished switched video on its HDMI output. 

Record to an SD card.

Another thing I know a lot of churches want to do is record their services and whether that’s just for archival purposes or to edit down later to be able to post just the sermon. The YoloBox Pro lets you record to an SD card. You can send your video output to a file that’s being recorded on the SD card and you can record video even if you’re streaming or not. 

Overlay lyrics with chroma keying.

This is a big one and I think one of the reasons a church should consider the YoloBox Pro over the other models. The YoloBox Pro or the YoloBox mini is its ability to Overlay your lyrics directly from your worship presentation software over your video. And I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this method will work with just about any worship presentation software that’s out there. 

The YoloCast platform for extended features.

The final thing that makes the YoloBox Pro attractive to churches I think is the YoloCast platform. If you want now that’s pretty standard stuff, many third-party platforms already do that. But what I thought YoloCast does well is it gives you the ability to use your video content in different ways after you stream. You can post highlight Clips directly to social media from YoloCast without having to do any editing on your computer. Just select a portion of your live stream and post that as a video clip to social media.  I have to say I was really impressed with it.

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