Automated Scheduling

Automatically start and stop live streams at a predetermined date and time, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to start at a specific time, or you accidentally leave it running. For repeated live events like church, events, and more, you can make it a recurring event to save time and plan.



Live streaming on a single platform could make you miss a huge chunk of your potential audience. Multistreaming your broadcasts to multiple destinations like YouTube, Facebook and Twitch simaltaneously gives you a wider reach for every video, widening your potential audience and helping to cultivate your brand.


Simulated Live

Sometimes it’s advantageous to rebroadcast a stream with high engagement or upload a video recording and schedule it for a future time to build excitement and foster interaction. With Simulated Live, you can present an event to your viewers that seems like it’s happening in real time even though it’s not. Don’t worry — your secret’s safe with us!


Concurrent Broadcasts

Our Business plan gives you the freedom to broadcast two or more events at once, should the need arise. Perhaps you have overlapping events where one begins before the other ends. Account for overlapping events by streaming up to two events simultaneously with the Experience plan. You can always add more Concurrent Broadcasts if you need to stream more than two events at the same time.


Video Storage

The live video will be automatically saved to the YoloCast platform as long as you want with free storage of 50GB. Whenever you would like to stream, you can add the video, no matter the local video you previously uploaded, or the past live streams as a video source with a few clicks, then you’re good to go.


Stream Diagnostics

See your content flowing through servers in real-time with our stream monitoring tools. Get deep insights about your stream including bitrate, frame rate and alerts with real-time monitoring data and charts to help troubleshoot and ensure a stable and smooth live streaming experience.

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