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What's Included with YoloBox?


HDMI cable

Charge adaptor

USB-C charge cable

Mount shoe

Storage bag

How Can I Link YoloBox to Internet?

You can use Wi-Fi, 4G LTE Sim card, or Ethernet cable.

How Many Video Sources I Can Acquire with YoloBox?

YoloBox allows you to manage (Switch, Picture in picture, etc.) up to 5 Inputs, including 4 from physical sources(2 HDMI, 1 USB and 1 SD card) and 1 from web source.

Can YoloBox stream to multiple platforms simultaneously?

Yes,YoloBox will first push your feed to our platform, from where it automatically restream your feed to maximum 3 destinations simultaneously.

How Long I Can Use YoloBox with Battery?


Can I Charge YoloBox with a Powerbank?

Yes, you can charge YoloBox with a USB-C cable from any compatible power source.

How Many USB/HDMI Ports?

HDMI In x 2; HDMI Out x 1; USB In x 1

What is the Weight and Size of the YoloBox?

Net Weight 480g

Length 185mm, Width 107mm, Height 19.5mm

Do I Need to Pay Monthly for Live Streaming?


Compatible Video Resolutions / Frame Rates

YoloBox is capable of receiving NTSC and PAL inputs via the composite port, and the following HD video standards via the HDMI port.

Input: 540 30fps; 720p 30/60fps; 1080p/i 30/60fps

Output: 540 30fps; 720p 30fps; 1080p 30fps

Can I Do Live Streaming with Main Video from My Screen and Having a Secondary Video with My Face in a Corner?

Yes, you can do that with appropriate cables.

If I am Switching Between Cameras, how to Control the Audio Source?

You can select:

1, Auto follow, as the audio automatically switches to the video you are streaming.

2, Fixed input from HDMI port 1, HDMI port 2, USB port.

3, External audio input from the 3.5mm port on the YoloBox.

Can I Use an External Mic Plugged into the Camera?

Yes, YoloBox does include a 3.5mm jack for audio input.

How Do I Find, Save, and Share my Recordings?

So far you can find and save your recordings via platforms you stream to, we are developing the function of recording when streaming.

Can I Have an Overlay or Watermark Logo on the Screen?

Yes, the OS of YoloBox allows you to do Watermark, Picture in Picture, and other functions right on the device without using external software.