Unite Live and Pre-recorded
YoloBox Pro enables you to seamlessly integrate pre-recorded videos into your live streams. Host live right from your office. Save your house streaming directly to an SD card, allowing you to export your videos in high-definition format for future use!
Simultaneous Streaming Made Easy
One-click simultaneous live streaming to platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and more! When you stream to the Facebook or YouTube platform, you can directly view the comments within YoloBox and display and respond to them in real time during the stream.
Share Essential Information
Easily add various built-in graphics such as logos, titles, and lower-thirds to convey addresses, community information, home layouts, contact details, and more.
Live On the Go
YoloBox transforms real estate live streaming into a mobile experience, yet without any compromise on video quality. Navigate through the house with our comprehensive, touchscreen-controlled production studio that's remarkably user-friendly and straightforward to use.
Multicam Flexibility and Aerial Perspectives
With multiple HDMI and USB ports, YoloBox caters to multi-camera setups, elevating your virtual house tours. If you wish to showcase your backyard or the entire community in real-time, you can connect a drone and incorporate its aerial footage into your live broadcast.
Embed, Customize, and Stream
Embed real-time virtual house tours or recorded videos on your website to enhance your visibility. Easily customize and embed them into almost any web page. Upload videos, create playlists, and even livestream.
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Growing With YoloLiv
John Wilson
John Wilson
The portability of YoloBox Pro is a game-changer for our live events. We can take it anywhere and stream to multiple platforms at once. Whether we're covering open house events or virtual tours, YoloBox Pro gives us the flexibility to deliver professional-level live streams with ease.
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson
YoloBox Pro has revolutionized our weekly live show on Facebook! With its multi-platform streaming capabilities, we can reach out to our audience of 600,000 every week, delivering high-quality content from various angles within our showroom. It's like having a professional switching device right in our studio, allowing us to create captivating and dynamic live streams.
Adam Hopkins
Adam Hopkins
I can't say enough about the support I received from YoloBox Pro. As someone who is not very tech-oriented, their user-friendly interface and comprehensive guides made it a super experience. Their support is top-notch, making YoloBox Pro the perfect live streaming companion.
Reach A Wider Audience Than Ever Before
Show your listing in high-definition real-time video, captivate potential buyers, and earn leads in a more effective way.
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