Share with The World by Multistreaming
While conducting live podcasting, use YoloBox's built-in multistreaming feature to captivate your audience in real-time across Facebook, YouTube, and your own website, all concurrently. Deliver the same high-quality video visuals.
Elevate Live Podcasts with Multicam & Multiview
With multiple HDMI inputs, you can connect and utilize professional cameras to capture different angles around podcasting. Utilize YoloBox's built-in multiview templates, including PiP, side by side, and more, enabling you to display multiple views at once.
Effortless Camera Management for Live
The auto switching feature effectively reduces time and effort, particularly when monitoring multiple cameras during remote video production with a small team of one or two individuals.
Collaborate and Connect with Others
Bring co-hosts, guests, or interviewees from anywhere in the world into your live podcast with YoloBox Pro's built-in invite guest feature. Guests can easily join from their camera-equipped computer or smartphone without the need for any software.
Podcasting Live Stream Use Case From MaxBet TV
Brian Sutton talks about his video productions and how YoloBox Pro was able to bring his podcast to the next level.
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Record on SD Card for Reuse
Even after the live podcast has ended, you can easily repurpose your content. Export the high-definition files saved on your SD card for post-production editing, sharing on social media, and increasing your reach.
Dynamic Content for Professional Live Podcast
Instantly add images and videos from your SD card, play them individually or use the multiview feature. Easily add logos, titles, and lower thirds on the fly. Furthermore, you can utilize your custom overlay templates using web URL overlays.
Embed Video & Monetize Your Podcast
Easily embed your podcasts on your website, blog, or anywhere else, delivering a fantastic viewing experience without any coding required. Monetize your video content with YoloCast's feature.
Audio Sound Like A Pro
YoloBox Pro features external line-in and mic-in ports, along with a headphone port for monitoring. With the built-in audio mixer, easily control individual levels for multiple sources. Mix and deliver delightful sounds to your audience.
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Growing With YoloLiv
John Smith
John Smith
It's a game-changer to have video podcasts with YoloBox Pro. No need for complicated equipment or extensive post-production work. This incredible product and team have been instrumental in shaping my business.
Emily Davis
Emily Davis
YoloLiv has revolutionized the way I create podcasts! The ease of streaming and recording video podcasts, coupled with the minimal post-production required, has saved me valuable time and effort. I can't recommend this product and their exceptional team enough.
Brian Sutton
Brian Sutton
With YoloBox Pro, you don’t need a ton of extra equipment to stream or record video podcasts, and almost all the post-production is eliminated. And I’m really happy to use YoloBox Pro to formulate my business!
Amplify Your Podcasting Content with YoloBox
The easiest podcasting streaming solution at your fingertips. Plug and play, and you're all set to go.
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