Combine multiple internet sources into one single faster & more reliable live streams.
No buffering, disconnects
No choppy, low quality streams
No DHCP/DNS Configuration Needed
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Understanding Network Bonding

The Horse-Carriage

Imagine network bonding as harnessing multiple horses to a carriage, where each horse represents a network interface. With bonding, the combined strength (or speed) of these horses (interfaces) is used to pull the carriage (transmit data). This concept not only increases the data speed but also improves resilience because if one horse (interface) tires (fails), the other horses (interfaces) can continue to pull the carriage (maintain network connectivity).

YoloLiv Network Bonding

Unmatched Stability and Reliability
For occasional live streaming
$299 / year
20 GB Monthly bonding bandwidth
For live streaming on a regular basis
$499 / year
50 GB Monthly bonding bandwidth
For broadcasters and pro streamers
$999 / year
100 GB Monthly bonding bandwidth
*If you stream with a bitrate of  8,000
3,000  kbps, the bandwidth consumption per hour amounts to about  4GB
*If you stream with a bitrate of
3,000  kbps,
the bandwidth consumption per hour
amounts to about  4GB
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Why Network Bonding

Boosted Bandwidth

Network bonding can dramatically enhance the bandwidth available for data transmission. In essence, it amplifies the network speed in proportion to the number of bonded interfaces.

Failover and Redundancy

Network bonding excels at providing a safety cushion against network failures. If an interface crashes, the system automatically diverts the traffic through the remaining operational interfaces, guaranteeing continuous network connectivity.

Efficient Load Balancing

Network bonding can balance network traffic across all bonded interfaces. This balance ensures each network interface is used optimally, preventing any single interface from becoming a choke point.

Why YoloLiv Network Bonding

Built-in service

YoloLiv Network Bonding service is a built-in service on YoloBox Ultra and Pro and Mini. No extra device required.

Combined connections

Combines up to 4 internet sources including 4G LTE cellular, WiFi, Ethernet and USB Dongle.

Enhanced streaming

YoloLiv Network Bonding ensures a higher streaming quality by allowing the maximum of 15,000 Kbps.

Global Servers

We have servers deployed around the globe to ensure the most stable and reliable live video transmission.

Automatic Priority

YoloLiv can automatically adjust the priority of each connection for optimal performance.

Users friendly

YoloLiv makes network bonding especially easy with just one tap to get started. No complicated setup.

Use multiple connections for maximum performance

YoloLiv network bonding technology allows you to combine up to 4 internet sources - 4G LTE cellular, WiFi, Ethernet and USB Dongle - into a single faster, more reliable connection. So you don’t have to worry about being interrupted and focus on the live video productions.

Analyze and Maximize your Streaming Performance

Complete Cloud-based analytics to monitor the network bonding performance in real-time. Enhance video streaming by checking the signal speed and stability of each network source.

Easy setup - up and running in second

Quick setup and easy configuration make it possible to have YoloBox up and running in just seconds. Optimized for international use with intelligent data link configuration based on user location to avoid data congestion.

Less Dropping, Start Streaming

YoloLiv automatically prioritizes streaming traffic over other network activity to help you avoid disconnects and frame dropping. Our Bonding technology dynamically chooses the best way to send and receive traffic over your available internet connections. Stop worry and start streaming at the speed of all your connections combined!

4 steps to unlock the high-speed experience

Step 1
Get your YoloBox powered and boot it up
Step 2
Connect it to the the internet sources you prefer to combine (Up to 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet & USB dongle)
Step 3
Activate Network Bonding
Step 4
Experience stable live and monitor video transmission right on the box