Instantly Live Stream to
Works as a webcam with video
conferencing platforms
Stream from Multiple Angles
Adding up to 4 HDMI inputs, 3 USB inputs, 4 simultaneous live IP sources and multiple media assets allows you to stream from various angles within your stage, studio – wherever your concert takes place. There's no extra equipment crew required for a professional music live show.
Stream in HD and 4K
Don't let pixelated video cost you viewers (and revenue)! YoloLiv makes high-quality streaming accessible and affordable. You can steam in crisp HD or breathtaking 4K according to your choice. Focus on your content, we'll handle the technical details for you.
Reach Millions Live
Stream your music to Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch, and any custom RTMP and SRT destinations simultaneously. Or set up a vertical live and simulcast to Instagram and TikTok.
Live Recording for Playback
Make your event available for playback or post-production with our live recording tool. This feature records your event as it streams live and saves it to your SD card or flash drive you can take advantage for playback, and materials for social media.
Music Live Streaming
Made Easier
Whether it’s concerts, music festivals, or DJ sets, YoloLiv offers a wide range of features that ensure your music live is perfect.
Master the Audio with Built-in Mixer
Control all audio channels right from the built-in audio mixer, or you can opt to connect the audio mixer through the dedicated line in port.
Get Stunning with Graphics
Looks are important. Add logos, watermarks, countdown timers, rolling captions, and more to look stunning.
Switch between Angles
Keep your audience engaged by switching between the various angles of the show, a previous live video clip, or guest performers to keep the audience engaged.
Monetize Your Show
Display sponsor logos or customizable donation overlays to monetize your performances. You can even embed your stream on your website for only allowed viewers.
Join 80,000 People
Growing With YoloLiv
Phil William
Phil William
We used the YoloBox Pro to live stream our client's event seamlessly. Our ability to create high-quality content for various clients is unmatched, even with a small team. The YoloBox Pro has truly become an essential tool in our streaming setup.
Rodrigo Assunção
Rodrigo Assunção
It’s the product that matches my needs and something that I wish to have for a long time. I immediately registered on the YoloLiv website, a customer support specialist contacted me and referred me to a local Portuguese representative, and in less than a week I had my YoloBox Pro.
John Paul
John Paul
Live streaming with just your phone is easy but if you want a professional setup, it can be overwhelming and complicated with a lot to learn. The YoloBox Pro sets out to change all that. This is a must-have device for anyone looking to elevate their live concert experience!
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