Multi-Camera Video Productions
Capturing a captivating live video from a motorcycle in motion can be tricky, while live streaming a fully multi-camera, multiple riders productions can be even more challenging. Forget bulky equipment and hours of setup! Just connect a few cameras and you're ready to hit the road.
Live Stream on the Go
The compact all-in-one live streaming studio makes it ideal for on-the-go streaming like motorcycle rides. With a built-in LTE connection and long-lasting battery, you can stream and record up to 6 hours from anywhere. No matter where your creativity takes you, YoloBox lets you capture and live stream on the go.
Get Flexible with Post Productions
Live motorcycle streams are thrilling, but capturing every angle can be a challenge. The ISO recording feature allows you to record independent footage from each connected camera, giving you full control in post-production. Stitch multi-perspective footage, add creative flair – the road to a killer live stream just got smoother.
Bring the thrill of the ride directly
to your audience
YoloBox Ultra offers a suite of features tailored to your needs for the stream on the go.
Reach a wider audience by simultaneously streaming to multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or any custom RTMP/SRT destinations.
Fully Mobility
The perfect on-the-go companion to capture the thrill of motorcycle rides, explore remote locations, or host live events on the fly – all with a portable powerhouse in your hand.
Graphic Overlays
Show real-time speed, location, countdown timer, and even sponsor logos. Keep viewers glued to your ride with dynamic visuals that transform your stream from basic to breathtaking.
Network Bonding
Network Bonding combines multiple internet sources into one supercharged connection. Even if you lose signal in a remote area, it ensures your live stream keeps rolling.
Join 80,000 People
Growing With YoloLiv
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson
YoloBox Ultra has been a game-changer for my motorcycle live streams! I can connect two cameras to show both my perspective and the road ahead. It brings a truly immersive experience for my audiences.
Sam Jones
Sam Jones
Before YoloBox, my motorcycle live streams were a struggle. Setting up bulky cameras and finding reliable internet on the road was a nightmare. Now, with YoloBox Pro in my backpack, I can stream anywhere, anytime! The built-in LTE connection is a lifesaver, and the video quality is amazing – even at high speeds.
David Lee
David Lee
I used to shy away from live streaming my motorcycle trips because of the technical hassles. But YoloBox Pro has made it so easy! It's compact and lightweight, and can be easily mounted on my bike. It helped me connect with a whole new community of motorcycle enthusiasts, and I'm loving every minute of it!
Stream Your Ride Like A Pro
Multi-camera motorcycle live streaming made simple. Hit the road and broadcast like a pro – start streaming today!
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