Every Detail Comes Alive
For fast-paced hockey, where the puck can blur across the ice in a heartbeat, 4K live streaming makes all the difference. The crisp, high-resolution picture captures every detail, from the intricate stickhandling moves to the precision of a slap shot.
Capture Game Highlights
Key plays happen in a flash for a fast-paced sport like a hockey game. The Instant replay allows you to jump back to any point in the game all with real-time control over camera angle and playback speed, and save all game highlights.
Stream From Multiple Angles
By connecting multiple cameras, you're able to capture different angles of the game around the ice hockey rink, like wide shots, close-ups on players, and penalty box feeds. Deliver a more dynamic and immersive viewing experience for fans.
Connect with Fans Globally
Expand your reach by broadcasting your game to multiple platforms at once! Reach a wider audience and engage more fans by streaming simultaneously to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, or custom RTMP/SRT destinations.
Ice Hockey Live Streaming
Made Easier
Your go-to solution to deliver professional-grade ice hockey games that captivate your audience.
YoloBox’s built-in scoreboards allow you to keep the score in real-time, display game progress, add game/team logos, and more.
ISO recordings
Capture video feeds from each connected camera. Isolate key plays, adjust angles, and create highlight reels – all for a pro-level sports live stream experience.
Real-time Graphics
Display logos, scoreboards, sponsor placements, and more directly on the live stream to keep the viewers up-to-date and engaged.
Seamlessly transitions between pre-set camera angles with defined order and duration. Free you from manual camera control to focus on the video.
Ice Hockey Live Streaming Customer Story
Never Miss a Moment
“The YoloBox Pro has been the #1 game-changer for me. Setting up a live stream is a breeze - I just need to power everything up, run some speed tests, and I'm up and running in minutes. The best part is that I don't have to worry about any unexpected technical glitches, and I can relax and focus on calling the game and interacting with my audience.”
Experience the Thrill Like Never Before
Bring the excitement of the live ice hockey game to your audience in stunning HD quality.
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