Go Pro with MultiCam Live Streaming
Creating multicam fitness content no longer requires a professional production team. With YoloBox Ultra, anyone, any skill level, can easily create high-quality live streaming content. Switching between cameras is as easy as a simple touch.
Elevate Your Workout Videos with Graphics
Make your workout videos stylish and branded. Attach your logo to any live stream with text graphics featuring your brand colors and fonts. You can also add countdown timer, social overlays, and more directly from YoloBox.
Multistream for Maximum Audience Expansion
If you want to expand your audience, YoloBox offers built-in multistreaming function. You can simultaneously stream to multiple platform such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and more, increasing your visibility on the internet.
Transform Viewers into Active Participants
Respond to and showcase audience messages in real-time, enabling direct engagement that keeps them interested and involved. Transform them into active participants, rather than passive viewers.
Embed Live and On-demand Fitness Content on Your Website
Upload recorded videos or stream them directly to your player. With YoloCast, you can embed the video player on almost any webpage. Easily create content playlists and turn your website into a fitness content channel.
Unlock the Profit Potential
It's time to kickstart your online fitness business. Viewers can reward your live streams or videos with donations. Simply enable the donation option to easily earn income.
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Live streaming your fitness classes connects you with clients no matter where they are. It offers interactivity, fostering engagement, and seamlessly combines the power of social media.
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David Martinez
David Martinez
YoloBox Pro's versatility in handling multi-camera setups and the ease of switching between angles with just a simple touch truly enhances the overall production value of my events. It empowers me to deliver dynamic and engaging live streams that keep my audience hooked.
Jessica Lee
Jessica Lee
I've been following live streams from various fitness gurus and I must say that the YoloBox Pro is perfect for beginners. Simple and smooth camera transitions and high-quality video transmission. It's an impressive device that has completely changed the way I stream.
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson
When I finally got my hands on the YoloBox Pro, I was blown away by its intuitive interface. As someone who loves to dive right into my cooking demonstrations without getting tangled in technicalities, this gadget was a godsend. The features I had always wished for were right at my fingertips.
Building Your Online Fitness Business is Made Easier
YoloBox has everything you need to create, share, and monetize live (and recorded) video easily.
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