AI-Driven Innovation
Engineered for Computational Videography.
Industry’s First Camera with Large Language Model
Unrivaled Ease of Use
Plug & Play; Less Effort, More Quality.
A Noticeable Leap in Quality
4K60 | 4/3” Sony IMX Sensor | 2.9 um | Quad Pixel
Go Wireless with AlphaCam
Picture capturing a live concert or a bustling conference – you're able to connect a number of AlphaCam cameras for wireless streaming, eliminating the hassle of cable management and ensuring a clean setup.
PRO Grade 4/3” CMOS Sensor For Real 4K60
4K60 frame high-definition output, 10.71 million pixels, image quality comparable to professional cameras, better meeting the needs of high-end live broadcast rooms 4/3-inch CMOS outsole, coupled with the blessing of a large aperture lens, creates a beautiful background blur effect
ToF-Instantaneous Auto Focus
Transform videography with unrivaled focus speed, accuracy and low-light performance
Rock Solid Video With Confidence
Full Body Aluminum | Expansive Heat-Dissipating Structure | Dedicated Encoding Hardware
Micro 43 Mount
Interchangeable Lens
Get a wider Field Of View or Optical Zoom tailored to your needs.
Perfect for any scenario.
Dual Native ISO
for Exceptional Low Light Performance

A Pro Tool, Made For Everyone

From simple tasks to most demanding professional client projects.