Create Dynamic Multicam Content
From cameras and webcams to IP sources (SRT, RTMP, NDI®HX) and media assets (video clips, PDFs, and images), YoloBox Ultra handles them all. Capture a range of shots from detailed close-ups to expansive wide angles, and everything in between. Effortlessly switch angles or showcase multiple perspectives for a more dynamic viewing experience.
Brand Your Airport Videos With Graphics
Make sure your airport videos are as sleek and branded as any big production company’s — and trust us, it’s easier than you think. Add logo, titles, countdown timers, scrolling captions and more, all with a plethora of customization options to enhance your live videos. You can even seamlessly integrate a web URL to overlay on video to make it uniquely yours with great ease.
Make Every Moment Unforgettable with 4K
HD is great, but for truly captivating airline live streams, 4K is a game-changer. Every detail, from the intricate wing designs to the captivating cityscapes below, comes alive in breathtaking clarity. Hook your audience and deliver an unparalleled viewing experience they won't forget.
Plug and Play
Best for One Man Band
Filming airport content doesn’t require a production team or a studio setting any more. YoloBox makes it a cinch for anyone at any skill level to create high-quality professional video content on their own. Forget bulky equipment! YoloBox is your one-stop shop for capturing, streaming, switching, and recording. From small projects to major productions, YoloBox simplifies the process.
Showcase Your Airport Like
Never Before
All tools you need to create immersive and engaging broadcasts that connect with viewers worldwide.
Network Bonding
YoloLiv Network Bonding combines Wi-Fi, cellular data, Ethernet, and USB dongles into one rock-solid connection for a seamless live without any hiccups.
Broadcast your airport live show to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live, and custom RTMP/SRT destinations – all at once. Expand your reach and engage a wider audience of viewers interested in travel, aviation, or the unique atmosphere of airports.
Web URL Overlay
Seamlessly integrate live web pages directly into your stream! Overlay the airport's official website to showcase up-to-the-minute information about the airport to keep the viewers informed.
YoloBox's auto-switching seamlessly transitions between your pre-set camera angles. Simply define the order and duration – YoloBox takes care of the rest, capturing every moment flawlessly.
Join 80,000 People
Growing With YoloLiv
Steven Miller
Steven Miller
YoloBox Ultra has transformed the way we live stream, granting our viewers a whole new way to appreciate the scenes of the airport and engage with us. The multistreaming, 4K, auto-switching, and web URL overlay make it an invaluable tool for aviation enthusiasts.
William Harris
William Harris
Juggling cameras, unreliable Wi-Fi, and limited streaming options made it a constant struggle. Now, with YoloBox Pro in my backpack, everything is a breeze! The compact size is perfect for on-the-go live streaming, and the built-in LTE connection and network bonding ensures I can broadcast from anywhere in the airport.
Richard Moore
Richard Moore
Multiple cameras capture every corner in stunning 4K, and auto-switching keeps viewers engaged. It even frees us up to interact and offer live commentary – a game-changer for airport storytelling!
Multicam Live Streaming Made Easier with YoloBox
Want to see how easy it is to create multicamera airport live streams that keep your audiences engaged? Try YoloBox now.
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